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I believe this is one of the best tweets ever twotted

They’re destroying history

They’re making history. 

They’re taking supportive reminders of treason, murder, and tyranny and leaving the pedestals empty. People can see the pictures and read the stoies and remember that yes, these things happened, but they can also see the moment when America decided to reject the idolization of treason and terror and attempted to move forward.

Pay attention, because these are the heroes of the future. 

And here’s the thing folks. “Participation trophy” is actually a great descriptor for these statues. They’re not very old. They’re not high art, and you NEVER need statues commemorating the villains in history. You commemorate the heroes.

THE CONFEDERATES LOST. These statues got put up because racist white people were mad that they lost and had to start treating black people as equals so they put up these cheap, mass produced statues to make themselves feel better even though THEY LOST.

Yeah. I said cheap and mass produced. These statues have neither artistic nor historical value. “Why did the statue go down so easy? Many “Lost Cause” era C monuments were mass-produced in the cheapest way possible for mass distribution. There wasn’t even a layer of the most basic mortar holding the pedestal to the base. Gravity was enough for granite. Cheap, tacky crap.” [Keep scrolling down on that link, the guy is a scholar and details about how these are cheap pieces of trash.]

These statutes by and large (I’m sure there’s exceptions, there always are) aren’t old. Like the “battle flags” appearing at state houses and rising in popularity around different areas they didn’t go up until the Jim Crow Laws and Civil Rights Era. They were put up as a petulant, racist response to black folk in america slowly getting rights as human beings. Tear that trash down.


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