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“it’s just a parking lot”

exactly. there’s nothing there. not a statue. not a plaque. nothing.

I don’t even freaking know where exactly this is… this spot is never shown anywhere. (I’m German) Yet I could lead you to the Holocaust memorial without any problems if you asked me to. I’m not saying everything is fine in Germany, hell, it’s not, yet we did get some things right. And this is one of them. Our past is shameful and noone in the government pretends otherwise. Noone would ever build memorials for the people who were responsible for our disgusting past. 

I did a free walking tour when I was in Berlin and they brought us here, to this parking lot. They - our tour leaders were a gay German man and a lesbian Jewish woman, which is how they introduced themselves - encouraged us to spend a few moments thinking about all of the ways in which that parking lot means FUCK YOU, HATE DOESN’T WIN. And then they took is to the Wall and encouraged ridiculous selfies and general cavorting across the line because again, HATE DOESN’T WIN and FUCK EVERYONE WHO TRIES THAT SHIT.

It was deeply excellent.

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