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Ok so I was a bit worried about the way my own biological father looks at me and I thought it was so bazar that I always even end up crying and it seems I’m really not the only one. and then after searching for so long, this is how they put it, she is like my wife but 25 years younger, ofcourse it’s normal” 

men are terrifying, like I wish I could say this is so completely un normal, but how many times do you hear about fathers and step fathers sexually abuse their daughters. like I can’t help but wonder how many just simply don’t act on their thoughts like this guy but still have it in their heads.

and he worst part is, this doesn’t happen when the girl is like an adult, it happens when she is begining or is hitting puberty. 

I know this is “dark” and uncomfortable but the more you don’t talk about this, the more it happens and the more men try to normalize it. 

guys can you please report this pedophile?


I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!  this is exactly why I made this post. to stop men like him from feeling so comfortable to post his own picture online while saying that it’s not debatable that girls can look attractive to grown men even if they are 7 or 8 because they started puberty. this isn’t some silly tween boy he’s an actual grown man who thinks women are no longer attractive after 30 but can be attractive at 7-11. like report this face who feels so comfortable actually saying those words. he felt so comfortable because literally everyone in the notes for the past 3 days has been criticizing me about how this post made men look bad and telling me the victim of this act to fuck off because your number one priority is to not make men feel bad. to make it seem like it is more important than girls little girls being exploited the way they are. this, this right here is what you’re “not all men” posts actually do. 

@eyelikepi saying that 8 year olds can be attractive? Fuck off dude, there are NO cases in which an 8 year old should be deemed to be sexually attractive.

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