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August 28 2017

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“How to oppose fascism in the extreme metal scene”

A beginner’s guide for comrades and fellow antifascists

Soon online on The dark Skies above us blog in Italian, English and French

The pamphlet is now online

It is readable (in Italian) and downloadable (in English, Italian and French) on barbarie.noblogs.org

It will also be readable in English soon on TDSAU’s blog.

Man Who Claimed He Was Stabbed After Being Mistaken For A Neo-Nazi Was Lying


A man who claimed that he was stabbed after being mistaken for a neo-Nazi now admits that he made the whole story up after accidentally stabbing himself.

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sometimes I wanna reply “bitch me too” to my mutuals posts but I’ve never talked 2 them so they might not see it as friendly joking so i just dont

reblog if it’s okay to say “bitch me too” to you if you’re mutuals

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What Donald Trump did on his summer holiday - BBC News


  1. Hires a new communications director called Anthony Scaramucci
  2. Press secretary Sean Spicer quits in protest. Says he’s happy but is fulminating
  3. The Mooch (aka Scaramucci) gives obscene interview to New Yorker magazine
  4. Trump fires his chief of staff, the hapless Reince Priebus (abandoned at Andrews air force base)
  5. Hires a new one, Gen Kelly, who was the head of homeland security
  6. On Kelly’s first day, the president fires the new communications director - Scaramucci has lasted just 10 days - less time than it takes for a pint of milk to go off
  7. He hires a new comms director, his fourth in seven months
  8. He publicly shames his attorney-general, numerous times, but Jeff Sessions clings on
  9. Loses a healthcare bill
  10. Publicly lashes the three Republicans who voted against it, several times
  11. Bans transgender people from the military, via Twitter, without telling the military
  12. Military chiefs say: “Forget it, we don’t take orders from tweets; there’s a chain of command”
  13. Makes political speech to Scouts aged between 11-18
  14. Claims Scouts leader rang to congratulate him on greatest speech ever made
  15. Scouts leader says there was no such call, and issues statement apologising to Scouts for president’s misjudged address
  16. Says the president of Mexico rang to congratulate him on his border policies
  17. Mexican president says no such call ever took place
  18. White House denies the president is a liar, but can’t explain the president’s claims
  19. Takes days to sign bipartisan sanctions bill and then criticises Congress for making him sign it
  20. Thanks Vladimir Putin for expelling hundreds of American diplomats
  21. Condemns leaks but then says he likes the leaks because it shows people love him
  22. Encourages police officers to be rough with suspects during arrests
  23. Police chiefs condemn statement. White House clarifies that it was a joke
  24. Publicly shames the Republican Senate leader, whom he needs to get anything done, several times
  25. Seems to respond to North Korea by threatening nuclear war
  26. Tells Guam, which has a big US military base which North Korea’s leader threatened to attack, that the publicity will help tourism
  27. Chief strategist Steve Bannon contradicts president. Says: “There’s no military option in NK”
  28. Threatens Venezuela with a military option
  29. After a neo-Nazi rally in which a woman was killed, the president blames both sides
  30. After backlash, cleans it up. Denounces white supremacists, neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan
  31. Cross at having been forced to do this, erases all of it and reverts to blaming both sides, saying there were “fine people there”
  32. Military high command issue statement condemning all forms of discrimination in thinly veiled attack on commander-in-chief
  33. Promotes his Virginia vineyard when asked if he will - as president - visit Charlottesville
  34. And gets condemnations from Democrats, Republicans, former presidents, world leaders, allies, his own staff, and the Pope.
  35. Publicly shames company bosses who abandon him. There’s a mass walkout by execs leading to disbanding of key White House business bodies
  36. Fires Steve Bannon, his chief strategist and architect of Trump victory
  37. Does U-turn on Afghanistan and commits more troops, having repeatedly said he’d pull US forces out
  38. Threatens to close government down if he doesn’t get funding for border wall with Mexico
  39. Appeals for unity of American people
  40. Next day lambasts his enemies and critics in highly partisan speech
  41. Day after that appeals for unity again
  42. Pardons ex-Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, who had been convicted for defying court order to stop traffic patrols targeting suspected immigrants



“don’t like don’t read” is meant for things like, “if you don’t like coffee shops, don’t read this coffee shop AU,” not, “i can be as racist as i want and you have to deal with it because i used a disclaimer.”




Any time these jokers consume a piece of media, they take it literally. Bioshock has an AnCap society so it must be pro-Anarcho Capitalism. Warhammer 40k has a fascist society so it must be pro-fascism. Monopoly is a game about capitalism so it must be pro-capitalism.

One of these dudes playing Fallout: Hmmmm Nuclear War Good




okay but why don’t more people talk about Night at the Museum like


poc characters and people being portrayed by poc people


this movie is so good


and it has one of the funniest, best, most ridiculous friendships in movie history


and you have Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt I mean


and if all that didn’t convince you there’s also a t-Rex skeleton that plays fetch with one of its own ribs






Ok that’s a pretty good pitch.



I saw the greatest thing today.  So I’m at a stoplight in the passenger seat, right?  And I hear hoofbeats nearby.  I look over and there’s a lady walking her horse. We’re close enough to be in talking distance and this horse is incredibly happy.  Her ears are pricked forward and she’s JUST SO DELIGHTED TO SEE EVERYTHING.

“I like your big dog!” I said.

“Thanks!  She’s an asshole!” she said, and the horse headbutted her so hard she staggered. SHE JUST LOVES THIS HORSE SO MUCH, GUYS, she laughed and patted her nose.


$50,000 immediately dropped into my bank account wouldn't improve EVERYTHING but boy it sure would be a grand, sexy little start to a good, happy life path, don't you think







There’s something really terrifying about the concept of being pursued by something that can only walk slowly after. Just slooowly following. You can chill for a while if you get far enough away but it’s still coming.

That’s called “persistence hunting” and it’s how humans hunted all sorts of megafauna to extinction, as well as what let our species become so disperse and so numerous. Our existence is a horror story told from the monster’s perspective.

So you’re telling me zombie is absolutely a valid career path

Watch the movie on Netflix called “ It Follows” lol

Basically our hunting super power is that we are really smart, good at tools and can walk/run forever. 

My roommate Kait runs 20 miles 4 times a week.
Horses can only travel about 32 miles a day.

If my roommate ran 20 miles twice in one day (possible if she does one in the morning and one in the afternoon) she would out travel a horse.

 She is not FASTER than a horse, but if a horse was walking away from her for 8 solid hours,  Kait could catch up to it.  She could probably also walk after it for an additional 5-10 miles after the run and then stab it when it got too tired to go on.

But kait’s athletic. 

 I, on the other hand, am a fatty fat who weighs 210 and never exercises ever.

I once, completely spontaneously because i had no money for the train, walked 17 miles in the winter from one end of Chicago to the other. I had also not eaten and was wearing a backpack. It took me 3 hours, but I accomplished it with ease. If i wasn’t a chub goddess, and had eaten and it was summer and I wasn’t wearing a backpack with a laptop in it, imagine how far and fast I could have gone. 

Now. Horses can only sustain a run for about 15 miles ( at 8-10mph it takes them a little over an hour).

If my fat ass was walking towards a horse for 3 hours and it was literally running away from me. It would become exhausted after 15 miles and unless it can recover completely in 2 hours for another lengthy sprint, I can reasonably catch up to it and stab it. (not that i would ever stab a horse. horses are terrifying and should be regarded with suspicion, respect and fear)

The longest run ever was 350 miles over 80 hours without sleep.

We are endurance monsters. 

humans terrify me

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Powerful New Video Tackles Racial Bias To Remind Kids Their ‘Black Is Beautiful’

A new video released Monday titled “The Talk” compellingly tackles the impact of racial bias through the lens of black parents in America.

This video accurately displays what it is like to be black in America. It shows the conversations all black parents have with their kids to keep them safe and to encourage them to fight the racist society. And it’s heartbreaking that parents need to remind their kids that their “Black is beautiful”.Society needs to change and time has come to talk about this.






Ronald Reagan visited the concentration camp Bergen-Belsin, and then shortly after went to Bitburg to place a wreath on the graves of Nazi SS. After he came back to America there was obvious outrage and he said, “They [SS troops] were victims, just as surely as the victims in the concentration camps.” What a great guy comparing Holocaust victims to the men who massacred them.

Yup. That really happened

Just a reminder that Ronald Reagan was horrible

Ronald Reagan was a horrible person whose economic and social policies are still directly responsible for people’s deaths TO THIS DAY.

My boyfriend gave me a library


I wanted to share this quick story to inspire others, and let people know that you don’t need money to be romantic.

I met my boyfriend in college. We both had zero money working our way thru school. So when we started dating my boyfriend did the most creative wonderful thing.

Every weekend he had dates planned for us that cost no money and everything he got was from the public library.

One date he checked out DVD ballroom dancing lessons, and we learned to dance. He checked out audio tapes and for months we listened and learned Spanish. One date he checked out a book of poetry and read it to me. Another time he checked out a CD with old time radio programs and we sat around and listened to them.

It became such a thing that the librarians would brainstorm and give him ideas of things we could do for dates. The joke was that my boyfriend gave me a library.

Anyway he graduated with his degree in finance/ accounting back in May, and we got engaged. We are getting married next March and the librarians are on our wedding guest list.

Anon, I am so happy you shared this with me, as well as my followers.  it’s such a special story.


Me as a nerdy teenager with not a lot of friends: you know what is paramount to my happiness? Owning a lot of books.

Me as an adult trying to move to a second location: now hold on a sec.

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James Cameron Trashes Wonder Woman As “Step Backward” And “Objectified” 

Jesus, James Cameron, Just Shut the F**k Up, OK?

Update: “Anti-objectification” James Cameron: “Right from the beginning I said, “She’s got to have tits,” even though that makes no sense becuase her race, the Na’vi, aren’t placental mammals.”

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hey friendly psa/reminder that with the seasons changing right now, a lot of people with mood disorders (and even people without them) can get all messed up and wonky from that so try to go a little easy on yourself if you find yourself spiraling or getting emotional a lot lately okay? youre doin your best. love u

My cyclothymia goes properly wonky as the nights draw in, but i’m very lucky that Autumn & Winter are my fave seasons. Shout out to everyone who really struggles this time of year.

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